Want to Contribute to the Blog?

Are you a writer? A fan of books, reading, writing, and a word fiend in general? Do you have a blog of your own or hope to start one? Maybe you should write a collaborative post for my blog!

I'm open to publishing a few guest posts per month from talented writers. In particular, I'd like posts written on topics like these:

  • Most impressive books about food
  • Historical biographies that are actually fascinating
  • Overrated popular novels
  • What do books mean to you?
  • Your favorite books about: {specific and niche topics and genres~WWI, mental illness, gardening, nature and humans interacting, the middle east/Asia/Eastern Europe/South America/Australia, hiking, road trips, time travel, homelessness, coming of age, forbidden love, artists, strong women, inventing, cooking, aliens, talking animals, magical realism, etc.}
  • Best twist endings
  • Real-life experiences when reading changed a life
  • Book related news
  • New releases in a month
  • Poetry for people who never read poetry
  • Most anticipated new books
  • Books from a particular decade worth reading now
  • Memoirs that read like novels
  • The funniest books you've ever read
  • What it's like to be a book blogger/book reviewer
  • Book to movie adaptations that didn't disappoint
  • Movies/plays/song recommendations

What are the benefits for having a guest post published here?
  • Exposure! My blog gets hundreds of views every week
  • Each guest post can include a short author bio and a link to your own blog or portfolio
  • The freedom to write what you want, and the ability to write about books!
  • I often get inquiries from authors asking if I'll read and review their book. I will gladly pass along any of these inquiries that I don't have the time to do myself and see if you have an interest. 
  • You don't have to be an editor! If your ideas and writing are good, it doesn't have to be grammatically perfect. As an experienced editor, I'll proofread all accepted posts before publishing. 

How can you start? 
  • If you're interested, send me an email (burdi042@umn.edu)! Include your name, email, reading/writing interests, a couple of examples of posts you'd like to write, and how often you might like to contribute. Use the subject line: "Blog Contributor"
  • Also feel free to include a link to your blog or website. 
  • Depending on the number of people interested, and your experience, I may not be able to take on every interested contributor. But I'd love to have some guest posts up soon! Please reach out. :)

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