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Review Policy:

Because of time constraints, I may not be able to reply to your review request right away. I'll let you know sooner if I am interested.

I do accept some inquiries emailed to me for book review requests. My typical requirements are these:

1. Print copies only. I don't usually use an e-reader, and read print much more quickly. I will only make exceptions to this rarely.

2. No specific review date, or a wide range of options. I'm very busy with school, work and reviews. I'm willing to accept books I'm interested in as long as you're flexible with when the review will be posted. I may get to it right away, or it may be early next year before I'm able to. If you have a specific timing request that is during next year, that will be feasible as well.

3. In your email, please be brief and specific. Include links to Goodreads and Amazon, a brief description, and whether you have print format available. I'm much more likely to reply if your inquiry is brief and clear!

Thank you!

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