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If you'd like to contact me for any reason, please use this email address:

Book Review Policy:

Because of time constraints, I may not be able to reply to your review request right away. I'll let you know sooner if I am interested.

I do accept some inquiries emailed to me for book review requests. My typical requirements are these:

1. Print copies. I don't usually use an e-reader, and read print much more quickly. I will make exceptions to this if I'm particularly interested in a book.

2. No specific review date, or a wide range of options. I'm very busy with school, work and reviews. I'm willing to accept books I'm interested in as long as you're flexible with when the review will be posted. I may get to it right away, or it may be later on before I'm able to.

3. In your email, please be brief and specific. Include links to Goodreads and Amazon, a brief description, and whether you have print format available. I'm much more likely to reply if your inquiry is brief and clear!

New Additional Review Policy:
Because I have been book blogging for quite a while now and have done a huge number of book reviews via a tour company and individual request, I feel it's time to give myself more value. I'm a freelance writer who gets paid to write articles, blog posts, and website copy, and I'm also an editor, so I produce error free engaging posts. If I'm reading and reviewing  your book I'm marketing you to a much wider audience. Reading and reviewing a book is a very time consuming process, and it's one that up until now I've been doing for free. However, from here on out I will be charging for book reviews.

The price for now will be $30 for a review with flexible timing (no specific deadline). If you have a specific deadline, the cost will be $50 to post by your specified date. If you'd like me to do a short second post with extra links, an author Q & A, more images, etc. the cost will be $10 for each additional post. These costs will not need to be paid until the review is posted and complete. I'll share and promote my review and the book on various social media platforms.

I'm not doing this to bribe authors. My reviews will still be completely honest and trustworthy, and they'll have the same level of quality. I'm changing to this system because book reviewing is a job--a job I enjoy, but a job nonetheless. It takes significant time and dedication. And as such, I think it's fair to charge a small amount for the time commitment of reading your book. I truly hope to work with you and look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!

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