Book Review: It's Just Nerves

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

It's Just Nerves by Kelly Davio
4/5 Synopsis:
With equal parts wit and empathy, lived experience and cultural criticism, Kelly Davio’s It’s Just Nerves: Notes on a Disability explores what it means to live with an illness in our contemporary culture, whether at home or abroad.

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This collection of essays is thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating. The essays are compact, expertly written, and full of personal anecdotes. Davio combines researched information with her own personal, often funny, sometimes challenging or painful experiences. Davio has an illness, but not one that's always apparent to those around her. She relates struggles with eating, reading, and going to the gym, all things that most would assume she could do with ease, but she finds challenging or sometimes impossible because of her very real, difficult to see or understand illness. In these short essays she explores the experiences of those who have an illness in our society, a society which can often prove to be very ableist and restricting.

Davio's perspective isn't one you find often in nonfiction writing, and her writing skill and engaging voice make it all the better. This is a short, educational, impactful book about an experience many choose to ignore or forget about altogether. Davio stands up for herself, makes fun of herself, and also extends certain expectations or hopes upon those in our culture who ignore or disbelieve people who have illnesses that cause challenges in everyday life.
This is a great book and one I definitely recommend. Each essay is a new insight that will offer you a better understanding, and, often times, might also make you laugh out loud on public transportation.

Please see the next post on my blog for a Q & A with the author of this book!

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