50 Small Ways to Live More Intentionally and Thoughtfully

Monday, July 24, 2017

  1. Inscribe every book you give as a gift
  2. Send postcards when you go on a trip
  3. Do yoga every morning or every night before bed
  4. Write letters to your friends and family
  5. Listen to instrumental music while you work
  6. Carefully make playlists for every mood
  7. Send friends songs that remind you of them
  8. Send small gifts when it isn’t their birthday or a holiday--they mean more
  9. Donate things you no longer want
  10. Write slowly in your best handwriting sometimes
  11. Eat slowly and enjoy the food you eat
  12. Only watch shows that make you genuinely happy
  13. Go on spontaneous adventures
  14. Try the food you normally wouldn’t
  15. Teach someone one of your skills
  16. Recommend a movie or book to someone
  17. Donate blood
  18. Go outside every day
  19. Study early
  20. When you love someone, tell them
  21. Do the things you’ll regret missing out on
  22. Go to the museum
  23. See a movie in the theaters once in awhile, even though it costs more
  24. Buy something small and beautiful that you don’t really need
  25. Save your coins in a jar for something special
  26. Don’t dedicate time to things you hate
  27. Tell someone the truth
  28. Just enjoy the things that make you happy, not the things you think you’re supposed to enjoy
  29. Watch old movies and musicals
  30. Go see live music
  31. Walk outside after it rains
  32. Write about your life, write about the best things that happen to you.
  33. Text friends you haven’t seen in awhile
  34. Take a friend out for their birthday and pay for their lunch or coffee
  35. Take a weekend trip
  36. Make a playlist specifically for someone you care about
  37. Think before you say something that might be hurtful
  38. Enjoy being alone sometimes
  39. Invite your friends to do everyday things with you
  40. Tell someone when you miss them
  41. Get to know the friends of your friends
  42. Write down the best thing that happens to you every day
  43. Call people on the phone
  44. Write down your goals and work toward them
  45. Learn about other cultures through friends of other cultures
  46. Visit people who live far away
  47. Hang meaningful items on your walls
  48. Live simply, get rid of things you don’t need
  49. Keep a journal, or many
  50. Tell people why you love them, not just that you do

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