Very Specific Playlist #1

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Welcome to a new post series where I will create perfect 10-song playlists for very specific common experiences you may also have. [Disclaimer: I have super varied music tastes so these may be very eclectic playlists]

Playlist 1: Walking to Work 
You're not excited, but you need to hype yourself up to make it through. These songs will make you keep walking even if you don't want to.

1. Happy With Me by HOLYCHILD

2. Run Boy Run by Woodkid

3. Gold Rays by Vinyl Pinups

4. Treasure by LEON

5. Raise Hell (feat. ChurchPeople) by Sir the Baptist

6. Naked by Elin Bergman

7. Put the Gun Down by ZZ Ward

8. Monster 2.0 by Jacob Banks

9. ROW by Smith & Thell

10. Evil Twin by Krrum

11. Runnin' by Pharrell Williams (from Hidden Figures)

12. Knock on My Door by Faouzia

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