How I Get Free Books

Monday, April 10, 2017

In the past few months and even the last year, I've gotten a ton of books for free. This post will talk about how, why, and what some of those books are.

How I Get Free Books:

  1. Because I have an established book blog, I was able to apply to be added to a list called The Book Blogger List. It's essentially a huge database for bloggers. Authors are able to view the list, see who prefers or specializes in their genre, and then click to view your blog. Since I was added to this list, I've received dozens (probably around 50 or more) of emails from authors and agents asking me to review their books. I don't accept most of them because I want to be able to follow through on these reviews and I don't have enough time to read everything. (though I wish I did!) While these aren't bestsellers or huge releases, I love getting these copies because the authors are extremely generous and helpful, and they have all been great books (plus you get signed pre-release copies)! It's awesome to have the chance to support self-published or small press authors with great writing and fun books. 
  2. I am a reviewer for TLC Book Tours. I applied almost a year ago to be a reviewer with TLC and heard back several months later when they sent a couple of book options for me to give book touring a try and see how it went. When they liked my reviews I was added to their list of consistent bloggers. I now choose from lists of books every month or two and do about 1-4 tours every month. These are larger name authors and publishers, and often bestsellers. You've probably seen plenty of these on my blog. Being a reviewer for a tour company is a ton of fun, and gives me the chance to pick great new books that I want to read and review. 
  3. Finally, I receive a daily email from a website called ShelfAwareness. They have options for the emails you can receive from them. If you're a book professional (meaning book blogger, publisher, or bookstore employee) you can get their "Pro" emails. These are filled with book news, but the best part is that they advertise ARCs that you can request or win in giveaways. I enter all of these, and have won quite a few already. This is the easiest way to get free books without having a reviewing expectation or deadline. 

Some of the Books I've Received Via These Methods:

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The Queen of the Tearling (3 Book Series)

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