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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Annie's Life Update

Lots of things have been changing and happening in my life lately, so I've decided to create this one short post to update anyone who's interested in hearing about my life at the present.

This Saturday I move into a brand new apartment in a totally new area. Last year I lived in a (pretty crappy) apartment right off of the West Bank campus. While that was cool and all, this year I'll be living in Dinkytown, in much closer proximity to food, entertainment, classes, and my lovely friends. My new apartment building is the Venue, which is located directly across the street from the world's first TargetExpress. [my heart weeps with joy whenever I think about that] I'll be sharing the apartment with 3 super-fly roommates, all of our stuff, and probably a fish [fish in progress].

One block away from my new apartment is the Book House, where I was recently hired and started training a few weeks ago. Starting this semester, I'll officially be working there a few days a week doing all sorts of amazing stuff where I get to sort/sell/clean/organize/stare at books. Dreams do come true, people.

Most of you probably already know that I've had an online writing internship with Odyssey since the very beginning of this year. But there's new exciting news! A couple of weeks ago I was selected as one of two new Contributing Editors for our University of Minnesota branch of Odyssey! I'll still be writing an article every week [don't panic!] but I'll also now be responsible for editing a portion of our articles every week, as well as helping to make plans and progress our group so that it gets even more awesome. I'm super jazzed about this new chance to improve my skills and help our team.

In the past few months I've also taken on some other freelance positions: transcribing and editing podcasts, writing articles for local neighborhood magazines, and reviewing books on my blog.

My fall semester starts in ~12~ days [the summer went way too fast] and as much as I always dread homework and tests and junk like that, I'm really excited to be back on campus every day, seeing my friends, doing fun stuff, and living the dream. Plus my classes this semester are totally kick ass, at
least in my opinion.

Other exciting things(!): UMN football is back next week and I'm super ready to break out my season tickets, FALL IS COMING. I got a new tattoo, and I have two family vacations coming up this winter!

Quick Stats:

Number of classes this semester: 5
Those classes are:
*Editing, Critique and Style
*Intermediate Poetry Writing
*American Novel after 1900
*Sci-fi and Fantasy Lit
*Ivory Tower (a full-year course that creates its own literary magazine, including editing, publishing and marketing aspects)

Total number of required class books [I just counted]: 29
Total number of hours in class each week: approximately 15
Number of semesters left: [If all goes according to plan] 3 + a summer abroad

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  1. Annie, you make me wish I was in college again! Good luck with your classes and your writing endeavors. Maybe I'll make it over to the bookstore at some point, although bookstores are dangerous places for me especially when I have no money but my heart wants to buy, buy, buy!