If You Liked [This] Book, Try [This] One

Thursday, August 18, 2016

I've always wanted to try one of these posts, and here it is! These are my recommendations of what you should try reading next based on some very popular books you may have already and read and enjoyed. In my opinion, if you liked one (particularly for the reasons listed), you might enjoy the other. Give them and try and let me know what you think!

If you liked Water for Elephants, try The Museum of Extraordinary Things 
Similarities: Rich historical basis, mystery and intrigue, heartbreaking moments, people and animals on display, surges of hope

Differences: romantic relationships vs. family/friend relationships, elephants vs. mermaids

If you liked Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, try I Was Told There'd Be Cake
Similarities: True stories, hilarious mishaps, perspectives of successful women

Differences: Memoir vs. essay collection, differing family/ethnic backgrounds

If you liked The Maze Runner, try Alive
Similarities: kids thrown into bizarre situations, teamwork and tension, shifting leadership roles, monsters and mystery

Differences: Maze vs. endless corridors, awakening in elevators vs. coffins

If you liked Divergent, try This Savage Song
Similarities: Divided societies, urban setting, systems of power, young protagonists, good vs. evil, internal struggle

Differences: internal demons vs. real-ass monsters, divided by values vs. divided by families/power

If you liked The Girl on the Train, try Shutter Island
Similarities: Mental health recognition, tons of suspense, unexpected twists, psychological mind games

Differences: 1950s East Coast vs. Modern Day England, male protagonist vs. female protagonist

If you liked Me Before You, try Where Things Come Back
Similarities: Growing up, finding yourself, examining relationships, drama, emotionally wrenching

Differences: Romance vs. family relationships, adult vs. teen characters

If you liked Pride and Prejudice, try Daddy-Long-Legs
Similarities: Strong female protagonist, female friendships, unexpected romance, humor and lightheartedness, examination of people

Differences: Time period and setting, college education vs. at-home education

If you liked Gone Girl, try Silence of the Lambs
Similarities: Aspects of horror, psychologically deep, cat and mouse, thrilling and forceful, violent

Differences: Husband and wife vs. killer and detective, creating a mystery vs. solving a mystery

If you liked the Harry Potter series, try the Poison Study series
Similarities: Magic, poison, blossoming romance, epic fighting, taking back the power, amazing female characters

Differences: Intended for young readers vs. adult-oriented, enchanted castle vs. foreboding palace

If you liked The Hunger Games, try Birthmarked
Similarities: Girl power, far-future societies, changing power dynamics, fighting for justice, questioning authority

Differences: Hunter vs. midwife, poor vs. privileged

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  1. You had me at Daddy Long Legs. Will definitely be following your blog!