Two Graphic Novel Reviews

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Saga (Vol. 1) 
by Brian K. Vaughan

4/5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this first volume in a new series for me. This was recommended for those who like Rat Queens (which I loved), as the art and style are relatively similar (while the plots are very different). I didn't find this one to be quite as excellent as Rat Queens, but I did very much enjoy reading it.

The art in this book is - as advertised - gorgeous, colorful, and inventive. The illustrations are captivating and perfectly highlight the story you're reading.

The story itself is good, but wasn't as much my "type" of genre as Rat Queens was. I've never been a huge sci-fi person, unless it's done in a very specific way, and strays from some of the very "far out" creatures and characters and ideas that can overwhelm me or make a book less relatable for me.

Yes, I do like fantasy or things with fantastical elements, but at times some of the bizarre characters in here felt a little too heavy handed or out there. The plot also had a way of jumping ahead of itself from time to time, making it occasionally hard to follow.

However, I adored the idea of a graphic story narrated by a girl who is an infant at the time it takes place. It lent a very personal and unique feeling to the book as I read through. The main characters in this graphic novel were very independent, loving and kick ass, which was great. There was some great humor thrown in, and a lot of places to continue and build upon the story in future volumes.

I definitely plan to continue with the next books in the Saga series, after being quite impressed by the first.

Rat Queens (Vol. 2) by Kurtis Wiebe

4.5/5 stars

I won't get too in depth with this review, since this is a sequel, but I do have a few comments to make about it. I loved the first volume of Rat Queens and I also loved the second. I think I did slightly prefer the first one, because it was a bit easier to follow and had a little more humor, but all in all, this was an excellent second volume.

As stated above, this Rat Queens was a tad hard to follow at times, until all of the sudden I'd have the "Ohhhh" moment and realize what was happening. That being said, the story here was great. I think to fully appreciate this book, I'll read it again before I return it to the library, so I'm able to focus more on the specifics of the story, as I felt like I almost read this too quickly and didn't retain as much of it as I'd prefer.

I really enjoyed getting the promised additional backstory for several of the main characters, as well as the continued humor, "Gary" jokes (you know if you've read these), and raunchiness.

This series has an excellent concept and establishes characters early on that you want to root for, and continue reading about. I do hesitate a bit to pick up the third volume, because the art style changes so much, but I do have it and will be reading it very soon despite my slight hesitations.

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