Book Review 6: Scarlet

Monday, April 11, 2016

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

5/5 stars

*minor spoiler alert*

Okay, I thought Cinder was amazing. Then I read Scarlet and discovered a new level of awesome.  Because honestly, if Cinder needed anything, all would ask for is more. More pages, more characters, more action. Because it was so good that I was greedy and wanted it all! I just finished Scarlet and realized that it had all the "more" I was craving. Longer book, new spectacular characters, multiple points of view, more action, more drama, more romance. Oh good heavens.

It's safe to say it now: I'm a Lunar Chronicles addict. I just picked up Cress longingly 30 seconds after closing Scarlet.

I'm not really going to get into plot for this one because if you haven't read Cinder yet, most things would be a spoiler. (By the way, what are you doing? Why haven't you read Cinder already??)

For real though, the Cinder/Thorne friendship is amazing. The Scarlet/Wolf romance is sweet and charming and also intense and bad ass. I adore every new character and I nearly wept when Iko came back into Cinder's life.

I also felt that in this book the plot became more complex and I could see the continuing development of Levana as a really cool (but still totally terrible) antagonist, even though her part in this book was less than it was in Cinder.

Marissa Meyer is honestly an idea genius. I mean, Cinderella as a cyborg and Little Red Riding Hood as a kickass heroine on the hunt to find her grandmother and get revenge? Perfection. I can't wait to start Cress, and I assure you, you'll see a review for it in a matter of days.

Highly recommended. That's it. Just read them.

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