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Monday, December 28, 2015

hello potential readers. (:
A few things to share:
1. Earlier in my semester I posted the rough drafts of two creative non fiction pieces called Reflections on Scars and Innocence.  I did really big revisions to both which I'll be posting under a new tab above, if you're interested in seeing more final versions of them. 
2.  I've added some new articles and links to my links page above.  Feel free to check them out!
3.  I recently began a writing internship with The Odyssey, a major national article platform written by college students.  I'll have new articles posted weekly which I'll be keeping linked in another new tab above!  Feel free to check them out and share them on your social medias if you'd like!
I'm home for break now so hopefully soon I'll be doing some more fun creative writing that I can share!

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