One Year, Alive

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

January is the first-born,
the golden child, the do-no-wrong-girl.

February was abused in her youth,
left with anger she now takes out on others.

March forgets to wake up most days,
too tired to try hard at anything.

April is a child yet,
bouncy and soft and easily brought to tears.

May is often confused,
though no one has ever understood why.

June is an opera singer and a high-profile career woman,
a painter and botanist.

July grew up on a tiny island
and spends her days whistling in the sun.

August lives alone, dying of fever, 
watching movies beneath piles of blankets.

September is never tired, filled with an endless vigor
that everyone knows won’t last.

October is an explorer, born on the move
and never planning to stop.

November grew up in a remote place and has never understood
how the world can talk so much and say so little.

December is in ten places at once, moving like a blur,
disappearing before anyone can catch her.


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