A Picture & It's Story

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

*This is something new I've just recently thought of, where I'll pull one random photo off of my computer and write the story of what happened before, during or after the taking of the photo.  Whatever I can remember of the specific moment.*
This is one of my favorite photos of my favorite person.  Here's Wendy in her natural habitat (the center of attention).  [For anyone who doesn't know, Wendy is my deaf and intellectually delayed aunt who has lived with my family for several years now.  I adore her]  This photo was taken during our summer trip to Puerto Rico. We were spending a day visiting Old San Juan and had just parked the car.  Caroline and I were standing with Wend on the sidewalk, waiting for everyone else to get back from their quick errands (perhaps a run to the bank or the bathroom?).  We seemed to realize simultaneously that Wendy's hat gave her a very dramatic diva-esque style and that perhaps we should use it to take a montage of hilarious photos of her posing.  We added them to our Snapchat stories--a series of one second photos of Wendy being adorable.  This picture kills me; it's almost too perfect. 
And of course she required it be sent to her iPad right away, as she does with all pictures ever taken of her.  And I mean ever.


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