A Picture & Its Story: Part 2

Thursday, November 19, 2015

This was taken on an incredible intergenerational trip to Peru I took with my grandmother two summers ago.  We traveled with a program where other teenagers and their grandparents were also a part of our group.  We all started as a group of twenty-some strangers and we left as close friends, scattered all over the country. 
During the trip, we spent time hiking in the rainforest, climbing Macchu Picchu, bonding with alpacas in the Sacred Valley, riding the dunes of the desert, admiring Lima's buildings, drinking milkshakes in Cusco and watching the sun set over the ocean. 
This photo was taken during our few days in the Sacred Valley.  Our hotel was a gorgeous series of buildings that originally served as a monastery centuries ago.  There were llamas grazing on the property, stunning mountains shrouded in fog all around us and flowering plants covering the hotel's grounds.  On this day we were taken to a local market where we saw just about every type of fruit and vegetable on earth filling the floor in huge heaps.  We saw babies sleeping in piles of carrots while their mothers sold other produce.  We saw chicken legs splayed in the air and ready to be taken home.  When we returned to the hotel, the chef gave us a cooking demonstration using many of the foods we'd picked up at the market.  We made these meat and veggie stuffed potato things & felt pretty good about ourselves.
Shout out to Margie, Ella, Joe, Sena, Madi, Matt, Lucy, Meredith and all your grandparents too.  I miss you guys. 

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