642 Things to Write: Day 5

Sunday, October 25, 2015

So yesterday was very busy for me and I didn't get a chance to do my daily post.  But I will do it right now along with another one for today.
The next sentences of a story that begins: "It was midnight and the front door was standing wide open."
I peered inside for a moment, then stepped in and called out to my sister.  There was no reply.  I could hear the slow rhythmic drip of  a leaking faucet.  There were no other sounds.  I walked into the living room and froze.  Every piece of furniture was moved or knocked over or broken.  A vase had been smashed, it's colorful pieces scattered across the floor.  A floor lamp lay on its side on the rug, picture frames had fallen off of the toppled end table and now sat smashed on the ground. 
The kitchen, in stark contrast, was spotless.  I walked through the entire house slowly, terrified that I would stumble upon her body or the person I assumed had hurt my sister. 
I found no one.  The house was painfully empty.  The only indication of what had happened was a note written on her back door in red lipstick.
She has 24 hours left to live.  Use them wisely.

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